Novakids Software School  

Born with the atmosphere of latest technology around, today’s kids in India are amongst the smartest in the world and look for the opportunity to prove their worth. What they need is the right guidance and concerned efforts from the elders to show them the right path.

At NOVACOM we have studied the needs of the children and their aspirations. We have studied the minds of the children and evaluated the grasp of these budding students.

Based on our Research and our Experience, we have started the NOVAKIDS SOFTWARE SCHOOL especially for children. Curriculum is especially designed and conceptualised to satiate their needs and keep it within their grasping powers.

Courses offered by Novakids Software School

  1. Junior Office Pro.
  2. SuperWhiz Web Designer.
  3. SuperWhiz Animator.
  4. SuperWhiz Surfer
  5. SuperWhiz Programmer.

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